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“The Chair by the Door,” by Ruth Silcock

March 30, 2011

And this poem was suddenly gone without any time by the door.

The last fourth of Ruth Silcock’s book, A Wonderful View of the Sea (Anvil Press, 1996), is subtitled, “46 Nursing Homes.” Today’s poem is in that part.

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  1. March 30, 2011 9:40 am

    I listened to the poem and at first I thought of a country song I scanned to once in the car that talked about all kinda “gone”. Country stations are plentiful in these parts and are usually scanned away, but I was drawn in by the “country catchy” lyrics on this one. (This in no way means to detract from the more serious poem you read.) Then the poem reminded me of a film I saw called, Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont, (Have I mentioned it before?) which is much more in line with the poem.
    Here are the “What Kinda Gone” lyrics by Chris Cagle which sound kinda stupid beside the poem you read, but I thought it, searched it and there you have it. (It must be a good country song since it includes the words: whiskey, beer and gone.)

    “There’s gone for good, and there’s good and gone
    And there’s gone with the long before it
    I wish she’d been just a little more clear.
    Well, there’s gone for the day and gone for the night
    And gone for the rest of your doggone life
    Is it whiskey night or just a couple beers.
    I mean what I kinda’ gone are we talkin’ ’bout,
    What kinda’ gone are we talkin’ ’bout,
    What kinda’ gone are we talkin’ ’bout here?
    What kinda’ gone.”

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