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Saturday Linkenings: A Poetry Feed’s Facebook Page

March 26, 2011

Today, I invite you to check out A Poetry Feed’s Facebook page (where you’ll often be invited back to the Feed (where you’ll occasionally be invited to the Facebook page (where you’ll be often be invited back to the Feed (where you’ll occasionally…))))

Whoa, infinite loop!

Anyway, come on over.  The Facebook page is a great way to keep up with each new post here, and it’s also become a burbling stream of funny, lovely, stupid, inspired , insipid, wonderful links that all have some thing or other to do with creative writing.

Why just this month, James Joyce’s legal caretakers took care that his words wouldn’t be part of any new bacterium, Natalie Merchant sang a 25-minute concert of near-forgotten poems, a mangy puppet-cat-poet bared its soul, dozens of folks tattooed themselves with literature, someone tweeted Gone With The Wind backward, John Turturro read a dark, dark Riding Hood, someone else showed how to make DIY Charlie Sheen magnetic poetry sets, Bjork explained how TV’s work (and why you should beware believing anything poets say), and I conveniently reminded everyone to celebrate International Hug a Librarian Day.

So click here, then click Like.  Enjoy, then tell your friends.

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