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Saturday Linkheap

November 12, 2011

Maybe you missed them, or maybe you’ve forgotten since it’s just been so long since I linked these on the Feed’s Facebook page. Either way, enjoy!

These belong on your blogroll: The Moving Poems blog and the MotionPoems Vimeo page.

Super-Nifty: Another short film, this one full of images made out of words, each using only the letters in that word.

Helter Skelter: Take a spin around Google’s infinite bookcase! (If you browse in Chrome. If you don’t, gaze on it with envy here.)

Need something to read besides Twilight Potter and the Lord of the Hunger Rings? Follow this chart.

If a Whale Sound falls in the blogosphere: Does it still make a sound? Yes, because the archives are still around. Start with these highlights.

In related news: Nic Sebastian is still recording poems at Pizzicati of Hosanna.

S C A N D A L : Accusations of a stolen letter at the Scrabble Championship! And the solution to the M Y S T E R Y.


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  1. Nic Sebastian permalink
    November 12, 2011 11:37 am

    thanks for the shout-outs! Best, N

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