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Saturday Linkenings: How Pedestrian

January 29, 2011

How Pedestrian‘s motto is “Bringing poetry to random places,” and that’s precisely what they do: stop people in parks, bars, taxis–anywhere–and ask them to read a poem for the camera. People do it (!), and the How Pedestrian folks post the videos on their site.

You’ll see my Minnesota showing when I tell you my recent favorites:

◘ Friend, Feed poet, and Park Rapids’ own LouAnn Shepard Muhm, reading her poem “Respite” in Key West. ◘ The four fans caught after after a Leafs-Flames game to read Al Purdy’s poem, “Hockey Players.” ◘ And three good ones by Robert Bly, read around Bemidji, MN.

Read a little more about why How Pedestrian in its hospitable manifesto.  And check out (and why not accept?) the invitation to participate. If this sounds like your sort of poetic stunt/performance/documentary, and they like your idea, let me know when they post your video so I can brag on you here.


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