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“Translation,” by Chad Sweeney (C.J. Opperthauser, Feed Reader)

January 19, 2011

Today’s poem carves in the olive grove a boy.

Chad Sweeney is entirely new to me, though today’s reader says his readings are not to be missed, that Chad’s “a fantastically entertaining and gripping reader.”  Clips like these suggest C.J. Opperthauser‘s not just blowing smoke.  C.J. is himself a poet, too. Links to his poems, events, books he’s been reading, and more are at his blog.

“Translation” is in Chad Sweeney’s book, Arranging The Blaze (Anhinga Press, 2009).

Today’s poem is the first in an occasional series of readings submitted by Feed Readers (that’s you!).  If you’re interested in recording for A Poetry Feed, please take a look at the Submissions page.  I hope you do.

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