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Ten Below: an End-of-the-Year List

December 31, 2010

That’s about the temp outside right now.  So here’s a list of poems that have been left out in the cold. Ten poems below ten clicks-to-read this year. If you missed a good one, it’s probably right here.  Enjoy!

A poem that breaks into the zoo, snaps a peacock’s neck, and walks home, feathers swishing behind it.

◘ For Memorial Day, a poem heavy out of the souvenir bundle.

A poem that wails, laughs, yodels, and hoots for four reasons known to science.

Today’s poem would like a few private words with the representatives of Man.

Lines that wheel through spokes of sunlight over gracious roofs and dowdy thatch.

This one pees on the run.

◘ From Ghana, our World Cup adversary, a poem they told us, our mothers told us, they told us, they told us, our fathers told us, they told us, about surviving.

This poem has its numb lips pressed to the river’s spine.

These two are lungs somehow out-revving every engine in the universe.

A poem that disappears at dawn from trellises along the walls.

Stay warm, and I’ll see you “next year.”

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