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Magazine Mond…*Wednesday*: 4 from The American Poetry Journal

November 24, 2010

These four brush their teeth with hydrogen peroxide, lie empty as a shallow bowl, take two months to learn, and bend over a sheet of paper like surgeons assessing an especially dire case.

The APJ is edited by friend of the Feed, J.P. Dancing Bear.  Yes, Bear, I meant to have this posted last week for your birthday. And this week for a Magazine Monday.  But moving to a new house and scrambling to get my students going on research projects before Thanksgiving break made pavement out of those good intentions.  So happy birthday now, and thank you for your magazine.  It’s a good one.

I read “The Repo Man Wakes,” by Bruce Cohen, “Ghost Writer of Fortune Cookies,” by Marilyn Annucci, “Lucifer’s Beginning Poetry Workshop,” by Philip Memmer, and “At the Unicorn,” by Nancy Burke from The American Poetry Journal, issue 8.

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  1. November 30, 2010 10:08 pm

    I can’t stop smiling!
    These were delightful poems! Thanks for reading!!

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