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Hey you among the living, leave a comment!

September 23, 2010

It’s exciting to see a few of the poets over in the sidebar stopping by the Feed in recent weeks!

J.P Dancing Bear drops in regularly, Marlene Stoehr has visited, and last week Philip Dacey complimented hero-of-the-comment-threads Laurie for her remarks about his poem.  I’m here every day, sure, and no doubt there are others who stay up around the clock Googling themselves only to find themselves here again and again.  (Just taking the piss out of you, Mark.  Having a laugh.  : -)  See?)

Glad you’re here, poets.  Welcome.  And the rest of you?  You too!

And I hope the growing crowd of us here turns into a genuine confab.  I mean, nearly all the poets in the Feed are among the living, and so are you reading this.  We don’t even need the Fox sisters cracking their toe-knuckles to hear from each other!

So, please, leave comments, reflections, questions, praise, confusion–anything, any time–in the comment threads. I’d love to know what you’re thinking.

Friday Update! I’ve added a “Recent Comments” widget over in the right-hand sidebar so that you can easily see–and respond to!–recent comments, no matter where they appear across the Feed.

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