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Magazine Monday: 3 from The National Poetry Review #8

September 13, 2010

These three listened to the helicopters above us, saw only half of the collapse, and put the elephant plant between the sea and a star.

Small Pleasure: Opening the mailbox and finding a magazine you’d forgotten was coming.  I love that.  This time it was The NPR, courtesy of friend-of-the-Feed J. P. Dancing Bear (who also has poems in the issue).  It’s a magazine with an energetically high ratio of arresting to dull words.

Seriously:  Marcelled, Piebald, Bachelors, Huff puff, Locker check, Kidneys, Tesselation, Altarpiece, Sleetfall, Wallenda, Scalpel, Fidgeting, Spindle, Chalk-doodling, Glyphs, Whizzing, Librarians, Younglings, Mudstone, Pliers, Baobabs, Femur, Ecclesiastes, Plunder, Llama, Dillied, Calluses, Carpet rot, Siphoning, Askew, Succubus, Crocus…

And that’s just one from each poem in the issue. Thanks, Bear!

Small Pleasure w/in a Pleasure: Opening that magazine and recognizing a poet you know.  I love that.  This time it was Cindy Beebe, with whom I spent a week in Santa Fe working on poems at the Glen Workshop a couple of summers ago.  Hey, Cindy, I still think about the Isaac Newton one–I am old myself and impelled by various forces. Ha! Wish I had that on a t-shirt.  Good to see you again.

I read “How I Learned Quiet,” by Oliver de la Paz, “1352 Lighthouse Way,” by Dyani Johns, and “What Happens Next” by Cindy Beebe from The National Poetry Review #8.

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  1. September 17, 2010 10:44 am

    Thanks for reading these!

    What a fun list of “energetically high ratio of arresting to dull words”!

    Quiet is a gift. I’m still learning “quiet” and the qift of the need for quiet.

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