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5 from Stolen Weather

August 28, 2010

These five find her drifting, looking deep into its green mirror.

Stolen Weather is the anthology of the poets on the creative writing program in St. Andrews in 2005-06. I had the honor of editing it with Douglas Dunn–and the greater one of having been in on lots of the readings, arguments, brainstorms, and celebrations that went into making the poems themselves.

I’m tempted to give you the full colophon, but no, just this:  It’s a beautiful book (cream-colored pages with a kind of eggshell finish!), and my only regret is that, to get it printed before we all drifted back to our home cities and countries, we had to finish the book before we finished some our best work.  So, Stolen Weather is the best souvenir I have from that year…and half of the best souvenir I could have had.  I’m thankful for the people in it and for the year it represents.

And I have copies to sell! Poems by the ten outstanding writers on the program with me that year.  And me.  $13/copy, including postage. Check or PayPal.  Email me at apoetryfeed [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re interested, and I’ll make arrangements with you.

The poems I read were “Pause” by Rachael Boast, “Archaeology” by Mark Cooper, “Flicker” by Majella Cullinane, “Evening Primrose” by Laura Helyer, and “Horse” by Glee Huntsman. Poems from the rest of the Stolen Weather authors this afternoon.

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