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Saturday Linkenings: Image Readings

August 7, 2010

Yesterday’s post reminded me that it has been precisely a year since I bought that truck in Hutchinson, KS, halfway back to MN from NM.  My ancient Chevy S10 started banging like someone was under there with an aluminum bat and then ground to a dead halt on the outskirts of Hutch, stranding me there for a couple of days. I should have just rented a car and driven home, but this was the American road, and I wanted my own wheels.

Remembering that made me nostalgic for the week before, at the beautiful, eclectic Glen Workshop. This year, I missed the Glen, which is winding down again today. So this is a good Saturday to plug the poetry readings that Image Journal posts online.

Here’s the link.

Several were recorded at previous Glens.  I’m in the audience of a few of those.  (Listen carefully, I’m the one you can hear being silently thrilled in the background…)  Actually, the whole Image audio collection is impressive: stories, lectures, craft talks, memoir, and more to go with the poems. Poke around–you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. August 7, 2010 9:53 am

    Oh dear. I hope Hutchinson didn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth!
    I’ve also been stranded in various places there or near there, but I have to like Hutch since it’s where I grew up!
    I’m looking forward to poking around as time allows. Thanks!

    • August 7, 2010 10:40 am

      Ha! No, the good people at D&D Towing (I think), the Econo Lodge, Pizza Hut Carryout, and Direct Auto were great. Especially the towing guy. He recommended a shop to drop my wreck at, found me a cheap hotel near there, took me there, helped me unload my stuff, and gave me advice about cheap groceries and which car dealers to avoid. And the EconoLodge owner gave a nice discount when I explained why was staying, and later a ride for groceries.

      My only disappointment was not having the time to see the underground salt museum. That sounded awesome.


  1. Magazine Monday: 3 from The National Poetry Review #8 | Belly up, it's A Poetry Feed.

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