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“A Tapestry Figure Escapes for Occupancy in the Real World, Which Includes the Death of Her Mother,” by Mary Karr

July 28, 2010

Here’s a poem tied in a love knot and bitten free.

I’m wrapping up a summer lit class this week and reminded my students that signs of an important reading experience include wanting to read the piece again from the beginning, needing to find something more by the same author, or passing the book immediately on to someone we know. Probably so we can have someone to talk about it with.  And I encouraged them to do all those as often as possible.  When I read “Delinquent Missive” yesterday, I realized, Hey, that’s Mary Karr all over, for me.

If you want sweet little lies, find another blog; this week you’re getting a poem from Sinners Welcome (Harper Collins, 2006) every day. It’s Mary Karr week, here at the Feed.

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