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“Delinquent Missive,” by Mary Karr

July 27, 2010

Today, we spit in the punchbowl and smell like a foot.

“Delinquent Missive” is part of Mary Karr’s book, Sinners Welcome (Harper Collins, 2006).

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  1. July 27, 2010 9:50 am

    Pang. This poem took me back to gradeschool and reminded me of Butch. He was mean, hateful, pathetic and sad. I could never decide whether to be scared of him or feel sorry for him. Mostly I was sad and sorry for him and mad at what seemed hopeless. I was mortified for Butch when our principal made him stand in front of the classroom so we could watch him bend over and grab his ankles for a spanking. He may have deserved the spanking, but I was frustrated that it wouldn’t change him. I wonder about Butch and I hope he’s been rescued.
    Thanks for reading.


  1. “At the Sound of the Gunshot, Leave a Message,” by Mary Karr | Belly up, it's A Poetry Feed.

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